Embroidery Machine

Embroidery Machine

The embroidery business has two broad categories, which include machine embroidery and digital embroidery. The two categories produce amazing results with slightly different quality and turnaround times. As a customer, you should prefer digital embroidery services if you want a finalized embroidered patch to be at your doorstep within a day’s time. However, if you want exceptionally crafted designs with unreal detailing and color blends, then opting for traditional embroidery will be beneficial for you.

The embroidery machine is the core element when designing stunning embroidery designs for your target audience. These embroidery machines are of various categories, including those that support digital design files and those with traditional touch. An embroidery design goes through a number of steps before actually reaching the final stage. In this guide, we will look at how quality embroidery designs are prepared with the help of embroidery machines.

Before learning how to make embroidered patches with an embroidery machine, we must learn the types of machines that operate to produce quality embroidery designs.

5 Popular Types of Embroidery Machines

The market for embroidery digitizing has a vast range of equipment to create the best possible designs, patches, logos, and even tattoo art. Let’s learn about the 5 most popular embroidery machine categories. Following are the types of machines available on the market to create embroidery designs:

1 Computerized Sewing Machine (Brother SE2000)

This is a multi-functional machine capable of working as a sewing machine as well as an embroidery machine. It is a high-tech machine that is a great option for highly professional digitizers that can cater to sewing needs as well as the core use of digitizing. This machine has a supported touch screen where the digital design file can be viewed before making the embroidered patch. It serves as the best machine for delivering vector art services. You can use it for the design or digitizing process, depending on the requirements.

2 Lock Altair and Embroidery Machine

Just like the Brother SE2000, this machine also comes with touch-screen capabilities and a Bluetooth interface. Such capabilities of the machine allow you to be flexible and share designs with the file through easy and quick means. It produces amazing results that are vibrant and eye-pleasing. With the help of these machines, you can also finish your sewing projects to perfection. However, this embroidery machine is on the expensive side for startups and establishing businesses.

3 Seven-Needle Embroidery Machine (Janome MB-7)

This machine is the go-to technology, especially for those who sell their art and crafts online or on any other platform. It helps in preparing complex embroidery designs with the help of the machine’s unreal efficiency. This efficiency is due to the seven-needle feature this machine offers, resulting in more detailed and pleasant-looking embroidery patches. Like the above two machines, this machine does not support sewing accessibility. However, this has a much larger LCD screen as compared to the above two.

4 Sewing and Embroidery Machine (Bernette B79) 

These machines are useful in creating innovative embroidered designs and patterns. It also supports the multi-functional accessibility of digitizing and sewing. A special feature that most digitizers love is the automatic excessive thread-cutting it allows while creating magic for you. Bernette B79 also provides a large screen display to embroidery professionals.

5 Embroidery Machine (Brother PE535)

This embroidery machine only offers embroidery digitizing accessibility to digitizing professionals. Unlike any other sewing or embroidery machine, the Brother PE535 is quite light in weight, and this sleekness makes it the most demanded embroidery machine in 2024. It also has an LED screen to view the design and how it will look on the fabric during the printing process. Embroidering text and floral designs is very easy with this equipment. Highlight your embroidery patch area on the fabric with the help of an embroidery hoop and start digitizing with the Brother PE535.

Making Patches with Embroidery Machine

Finalizing an embroidery patch with the help of a machine requires you to have at least a few basic skills to complete a good-looking design. However, the amount of expertise makes a lot of difference in your design, especially if you compare it to a beginner’s digitizing. Firstly, you require a design file, vector graphics, or any design reference that requires digitizing.

The second step includes converting your design into stitches with the help of an embroidery machine. This second step involves the use of a software program that converts your design into a machine-recognizable file.

Thirdly, you can edit your design after converting it into a stitch file with the help of multiple applications.

The fourth and last step includes the hooping of your design and then finalizing your proof file on the desired area of the fabric by using the embroidery hoop.

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