Designs in Machine Embroidery(1)

Designs in Machine Embroidery(1)

When we talk about designs in machine embroidery, we talk about a work of art that is distinct and unique in its own beautiful way. These designs have no close substitute and are of an innovative nature. You can customize your own designs to perfection with the help of quality embroidery digitizing services.

The traditional ways of embroidery included hand-made embroidered designs that portrayed an amazing appeal in front of the customers. However, machine embroidery produces quicker and more efficient results for customers. All different designs in machine embroidery preserve an importance of their own in the field of digitizing.

This craft is widely spread across the globe, and embroidery makers and digitizers adopt existing methods and invent new ways of designing embroidered patches. There are numerous embroidery machines that cater to the various needs of customers. These include machines that prepare small, medium, and large-sized embroidery designs. However, professional digitizers usually search for the best embroidery machines for large designs to kickstart a service-providing business for their customers.

7 Kinds of Designs in Machine Embroidery

In this blog post, we will learn about various types of designs that we can attain through machine embroidery. These renowned designs are popular among customers and have high demand in countries like the United States of America. Digitizing firms always look for the best cheap embroidery machine for custom designs and facilitate their valued customers to perfection and precision. Let’s learn about these designs in machine embroidery:

Abstract Designs

This design is a blend of colors and textures. The artists prepared these designs based on some influential details. Abstracts do not include any imagery or recognizable structures. These designs are merely strokes of color blends and fine lining that make the art more appealing than you could ever imagine. This detailing is of the highest order, and customers demand such abstract embroidered designs the most, apart from the traditional festive ones. These abstract designs in machine embroidery are also customizable through your own generative abstract ideas.


Alphabet printing is another art form that is highly demanded in embroidery digitizing. It is one of the most common design types in machine embroidery. Customers ask to get the starting letter of their name digitized by embroidery digitizers. The alphabet styles differ in design, shape, and weight if we embroider them on our shirts, hats, jackets, or any other fabric.


Applique is a type of sewing that involves an embroidered patch or another piece of fabric being superimposed onto the base fabric. Applique designs in machine embroidery hold quite a demand among customers. After finalizing, these designs give an appealing look to the eyes and can portray a beautiful image of even a simple casual outfit.


Embellishments add a decorative touch to your clothing. These designs are visually appealing, as they tend to catch the attention of any viewer. These decorative details can be a bit more expensive as compared to other designs in machine embroidery industry because a lot of detailed work gets applied to finalizing embellishments in the art of embroidery.


This is a kind of embroidery limited to thin fabrics. Usually, cotton-based materials allow you to design heirloom embroidery. This is a very old version of embroidery, dating back to the 1800’s. The use of laces and ribbons is quite common in the creation of heirloom embroidery. Use the best embroidery machine for your own designs of heirloom embroidery and cherish long-lasting, beautiful artwork.


Mascots play a vital role in branding a business. A mascot helps you represent a separate business identity in front of your customers. Thus, companies contact embroidery digitizers to prepare embroidered characters that act as your brand’s representative. Mascot designs in machine embroidery serve as a major boost to your brand’s recognition. Brands usually buy this service to showcase a sense of uniformity within the company. Any mascot art becomes the face of the organization, and it helps enhance the business reputation of your company.


With handkerchief embroidery digitizing services by their side, professional embroidery digitizers also offer quilting embroidery services. This type of service must even have stitches that really hold the design to perfection on the quilt fabric.

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