Cross Stitch vs Digital Embroidery 2020

Cross Stitch vs Digital Embroidery 2020

Cross Stitch Vs Digital Embroidery 2020

Cross stitch vs Digital embroidery is the art of defining culture & tradition but each of them is different in terms of material & final result. Below you will find the right information on the difference between Cross Stitch vs Digital Embroidery 2020 that can help you to decide which is right for you to work on.

What Are The Different Types Of Embroidery? 

Before the comparison between Cross stitch vs Digital embroidery, Do you know what is embroidery? Embroidery is a term that is used to define the art of decorating material through needles & threads on fabric. There are 2 types of embroidery, one is machine-driven and the other one is cross-stitch methods.

What is Digital embroidery?

Digital embroidery has become most popular in most of the apparel industry to produce mass production which is used to create complex designs. A design is created in embroidery software which is operated by a computer, the software is installed on the machine and the machine creates the embroidery design. Most of the companies use this method to have logos embroidered on their T-shirts which is nearly impossible with cross-stitch methods.

These embroidery machines are not only used for commercial purposes but you can use them at your home to create complex and simple designs more easily. These machines are also used as sewing machines while others are for embroidery only.

Sewing machines are used as a hobby for home crafting purposes. You can use this machine for regular fabrics Like T-shirts, Shirts, Paints, whatever you wish but do not use this machine for Four Slack Towel, Caps, Bags because they are too stiff.

An embroidery machine is better for polyester-based fabric that uses high-stitch counts which can keep its shape with the resistance of shrinking and it is handled in an embroidery machine because of its thickness. Tougher and thicker fabric requires an embroidery machine which includes

  • Polyester
  • Wool
  • Quilting Cotton

In short, embroidery machines are used for hard materials like, Four slack towels, jackets, Caps, Bags, if they are made of thick fabric that requires heavy-stitch counts.

What is a Cross stitch?

It is the process that allows you to create art by hand using a needle and thread to make a design on fabric. Multiple stitches are allowed in hand embroidery as digital embroidery does. You can select multiple stitches with different threads on the same design even on the same piece. Each cross stitch is different and reflects the unique style, talent, and creativity of the person who creates it by using his/her creative mind. Becoming a master of all different designs is challenging but it is improved as time passes.

Cross stitch is used for delicate fabrics as the machine are not involved in this which includes

  • Cotton
  • Canvas
  • Felt
  • Quilting Cotton
  • Weaver`s Cloth 

When you compare cross stitch vs digital embroidery, you can see hand embroidery gives more mobility as compared to digital embroidery because it allows you to create a personal touch. Hand embroidery is only used for small-scale projects such as baby clothes, napkins, pillowcases, and other manageable placements. Cross stitch is also used to create monograms or details for unique items for your home.

Cross Stitch vs Digital Embroidery Which Type of Embroidery Method Is Best To Use?

Cross stitch vs Digital embroidery which is the best method? Nowadays, people are working on digital embroidery to save time and effort. For the quick and best results, some people call, email and some use modern technology to give their orders through ALEXA and Google Assistant to embroidery digitizing companies to create their embroidery patterns and designs. You can add beauty to your home to create patterns and images which give attraction and appeal to you. Digit-it offers Cap digitizingLeft Chest Logo, Jacket Back Digitizing, and our goal is to make the creativity-inspiring and appealing.

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