What is Digital Screen Printing?

What is Digital Screen Printing?


What is Digital Screen Printing?

Do you know what is Digital screen printing? It is a much newer, fastest, and innovative way of creating the material that involves your artwork gets processed by computer software. Digital screen printing machine printed directly onto the desired objects or products that include t-shirt designs, logo designs, cloth designs, caps, jackets, and much more. It is a critical process to grow for most businesses and establishments, especially in the advertising field, as they need to have the tools.


What is the History of Screen Printing?

China was the first Country where screen printing first appeared and was recognized during the Song Dynasty (960–1279 AD). Later on, it got accepted by other Asian countries like Japan, which created some new methods. It was mainly introduced in western countries from Asia in the 18th century but failed to gain acceptance in the USA until silk mesh was available for trading from eastern states.

What are the Different Processes of Digital Screen Printing?

There are different processes and concepts of digital screen printing. It uses some specific types of ink or toner to produce high-quality pictures. The ink of the digital screen printing machine is costly and competitive in the market, and that is why most of the companies are using toner, which is economical and time-saving rather than other types of inks. The world of digital screen printing is truly unique and magical that amazes how one image gets designed into perfection.

What are the Types of Equipment for Digital Screen Printing or Digital Screen Printing machines?

There are some simple to advance digital screen printing equipment and instruments such as:

  • Proton Manual Screen Printing Press
  • Mini Printer/ASI Screen Printing Press
  • Trooper Automatic Screen Printing Press
  • Expo-Light Screen Printing Exposure Unit
  • Lawson Mustang Flat-Bed Screen Printing Press

Many textile industries use digital screen printing machine and instruments that include submission kits, automatic printing presses, direct to garments, digital printers, drying and exposure equipment, and inkjets.

Screen Vs Digital Printing – Which is the Best Printing Method?

Which is the Best Printing Method? About the best Printing method: Screen printing is a traditional way of fabric customization method that involves creating stencils (printers call this a “screen“) in which each colour is designed differently from another and uses stencils to apply individual colours to the desired object. Ink transfers to the printing surface through the screen. Digital Screen Printing is a new method of creating the material that is done by the software, which is not heat transfer. Ink directly adheres to the fabric. Each printing method has its ability, strength, and techniques that give excellent durability. 

What are the Benefits of Digital Screen Printing?

The digital screen printing machine has many benefits. The first and foremost is that it is economical, which gives an edge to wholesalers to create large amounts of quantity. The second benefit is that it is a convenient, quicker, and simple process, which saves a lot of time and money. It also can create multiple and more extensive designs at once. Digital screen printing has several benefits, and it is one of the best businesses in the modern era.

Logo Screen Printing

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