What is Applique Embroidery?

What is Applique Embroidery?

What is Applique Embroidery?

For those who are still unaware of what is applique embroidery? It is an ornamental type of needlework in which small pieces of a patch of fabric or cloth in different shapes and patterns get stitched to a base cloth in the form of other pictures and designs. It commonly uses for decorating garments that technique is used either by hand or machine. Appliques are design materials such as ribbons, bead sequins, & cords. In another way, applique is a separate piece of clay that is added to the base cloth generally for decoration.

History Of Applique Embroidery

The word applique derives from Latin, French words applicare and applique, which means to attach, join, or apply. This technique discovers thousands of years back when people used to fix their ripped clothes and sew the piece of fabric over the ripped clothes, which give strength to worn areas of cloth or fixed holes.

Apply pieces have their edges, which are attached by any of the following

  • Satin Stitch. 
  • Straight Stitch.

That technique also uses to increase the life of the fabric. It gives the artful flavour, which you can see in quilts and blankets that come from different cultures and traditions from all over the world.

What is Satin Stitch?

Satin stitch generally refers to flat stitches that use to cover a section of background fabric.

What is a Straight Stitch?

The straight stitch is a fundamental type of embroidery technique that uses individually or in a group to create different varieties of designs. A straight or flat stitch is a simple class of embroidery in which stitches are made individually without crossing or looping threads.

What is Applique Design Used?

Do you know what is Applique design? and its uses? Applique or digital applique designs commonly uses in making quilts, and these quilts include rally quilts, Baltimore quilts, Hawaii quilts, etc. American applique digitizing is a bit different from ordinary applique digitizing. Hence, it has multiple layers of lavish textural and quality digital applique designs to make it more blooming.

What is Hand-Made Applique?

It is an expensive kind of embroidery because it involves an immense amount of time and hard work. Some crafters use reverse applique because it is in demand rather than using traditional applique textile embroidery. In reverse applique, the lower layer is always visible when layers of fabrics get stitched together, and the top layers get removed, which improves the appearance of embroidered borders and, it is common in quilting.

Applique Embroidery Patches

Applique embroidery patches and designing patterns are fun, they can make your apparel eye-catchy & creative. People order applique embroidery digitizing designs and patches for their children.

Benefits for Applique Embroidery

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