Vector Art

Vector Art

Suppose you found the ideal vector art now you want it to print out on your accessories. For example, your shirt, mug, or for a university project? Think of the photos you take with your Smartphone or the memes you download from the internet and send to your pals. If you try to resize those photographs, you’ll notice that the final result is hazy and pixelated. No worries – We the Digit-It have some amazing vector graphics to save your day!

Would you like to print some aesthetic vector art on the back of your denim?

Digit-it | Bat vector design

We have some amazing aesthetic animal vector designs for you.

Digit-it | Devil Eagle 1

         Devil eagle vector design                                                 Bat vector design

Let’s learn more about these vector  images and why they’re essential to get a better result of your pictures without further ado.

What is Vector Art?

Vector art is a technical phrase that refers to mathematical methods in software like Adobe Illustrator and CorelDRAW to generate graphics and illustrations. Without losing quality, you may simply scale, alter, or resize an image using vectors.

Now your days will be Peaceful with our Peace Vector Design!!

Digit-it | Peace Vector Design

Despite the abundance of standard vector designs available on the internet, there are occasions when you require something a little more unique. Don’t you?

Now think about your favorite cartoon character, or if you are an anime fan, I bet you have a charming aesthetic personality. We can give your personality a personal mark.

Digit-it | Skull with Coffee vector Design

                                                 Skull with Coffee vector Design

Furthermore, Digit-It can help you transform your artwork into an artistic style by selecting your vector design.

We can help you grow your business!

Digit-It can help you make your chosen vector art for your marketing campaign. This will be extremely useful as they can be used to create your logo, promotional merchandise, billboards, and printed ads.

We can make any kind of Vector designs which can be used for all of the following:

● Illustrations

● Logos

● Websites

● Album covers

● Branded merchandise

● Email campaigns

● Movie posters

● Billboards

● Printed ads

● Books

● Signs

● Video games

● Cartoons

Here are three of the many vital benefits of vector art that can make your life and device easier:

Raster Into Vectors

Vector images have always had the advantage over raster images in that they may be blown up to any size without losing resolution.

Digit-it | Raster Into Vector

Photoshop graphics are raster images, and when we want to blow something up big, there’s an inherent resolution problem. Dots are used to create raster pictures. Depending on the resolution, the dots can be minor or enormous. However, there is no need to be concerned with resolution in vector images. A one-inch square image may be scaled up to billboard size with no loss of resolution.

 Lightweight (Small File Size)

Vector files contain less information than pixel files, for example (such as a picture taken by a phone or digital camera).

What exactly does this imply?

You can have a complicated vector artwork with many shapes, text, colors, and gradients and still have a small file. Furthermore, you might expand the object’s proportions while maintaining a light file. However, the same drawing in pixel format would require significantly more information, resulting in a large file (in terms of resolution). Isn’t this great news for gamers and freelancers? Yes, it certainly is!

Is It Possible To Animate?

Yes, it is. Basic frame-by-frame animations can be created with vector graphics software. This is a valuable feature because vector software allows you to quickly produce drawings.

Vector objects can be animated by moving, transforming, changing their color, bending their strokes, and so on. Each transformation can have its frame. The frames can then be combined into a GIF, for example. Many vector formats that support animation, such as SVG or Flash, can be found all over the internet.

Digit-it | Graffiti Character Vector design

         Graffiti Character Vector design

There you have it! Start experimenting with your thoughts and ideas, and do let us know. We can change your ideas into visual art. We can also guide and alter your idea and provide you with the best vector graphics.

At Digit-It, check out our work and services because we can help you find your ideal vector art and design here

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