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Our Reasonable Flat Rates.

Left chest & Cap logos 3 hrs turnaround US$ 15
Jacket Backs(5-8 hrs turnaround) US$ 50

Back designs price clarification:
Please note that if the design is extremely complicated, or contains multiple logos, then it will be charged extra.
In such cases we will come back to you with a price and once you agree, we will go ahead with the design.

We do not Charge for Qoutes.
Name drops and year changes are free
Minor changes are free
Complex changes will be chargeable
No charge for Increase / decrease design size until we have to re- digitize the design.
However if you want to blow up a left chest to a jacketback size then the design may have to be re digitized. In such a scenario will be treated as a new order
Increase / decrease in density: No charge.

Payment: We accept payment by Paypal/ Visa / Mastercard / American Express on our website.

Vector Artwork

We charge $15 to $50 depends up on complexity of design.

Digit It