Embroidery Design for Earth Day

Embroidery Design for Earth Day

Embroidery Design for Earth Day: We all live on planet Earth, and it’s the only planet in the entire universe that possesses life. We celebrate Earth Day on the 22 of April to honor our beloved planet Earth. There are hundreds and thousands of ways to celebrate Earth Day, but here I have discussed five amazing ways to celebrate Earth Day without spending money

Plant Trees To Nourish Environment

Trees play an important role in nurturing the environment of planet earth. Do you know trees are CO2 (Carbon dioxide) absorbers? Yes, you hear that right trees absorb carbon dioxide and are also a good source of producing oxygen, which helps us breathe. Apart from this, a big and huge trunk of trees can protect us from the scorching rays of the sun.

Turn Off Lights When The Sun Is Out

Do you think of turning on lights when the sun is out? No, because it will not only be heavy on your pockets, but it will also affect the environment badly because lots of energy resources are used to produce electricity. So, celebrate this Earth day by consuming less electricity.

Throwing your litters, think of recycling them

There are many ways of recycling your wastes in decorative products so next time, remember the following To-Do list before throwing your litter.

  • Change cardboards into decorative picture frames.
  • Recycle plastic bottles into a birdhouse
  • Make a cookie cutter from a cane.
  • Reuse Your shampoo bottles into a Mobile holder charger.
  • Make decorative flowers from papers.

Say No to Plastic Bags and Bottle

 Recycling plastic bags or bottles is like cracking a nut with your teeth. Every day millions of plastic bags and bottles are thrown in the ground, blocking the sewage line that ultimately results in land pollution. This Earth day saves your planet from land pollution by saying No to plastic bags and bottles.

Walk more, Drive less

The fewer transportation on roads can reduce land pollution, so this earth day saves your planet by replacing short drives with walks that will reduce land pollution and help you live a healthy life.

Embroidery Design A Garbage Bag With- Throw Here Text

Don’t you think Digitizing a Recycle garbage bag will be a good idea to protect Earth? Digitizing garbage bags with the “throw here “text will motivate the people to throw their litter in a garbage bag, which will make Earth a pollution-free planet and make it a better place to live.

Hang Embroidery Design Hoop Art As a reminder- To turn Off unnecessary taps

Hanging Embroidery Design hoop Art design in your kitchen and bathroom with a message “Turn off the taps” will act as a reminder. Next time either you go to the washroom to take a bath or are doing your dishes in the kitchen, the hoop Art will remind you to turn off the unnecessary taps, ultimately saving water.

Digitize Heart Embroidery Design of Earth on your Kids Jacket

Kids are the most innocent creatures living on planet Earth because they are the one who is always busy in emulating their elders in the best possible ways. Celebrate this Earth day by digitizing a heart shape logo on your kids’ jackets from Custom Embroidery Digitizing services at discounted rates.

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