3D Puff Digitizing Services


3D Puff Digitizing services are widely used in digitization. It makes a prominent mockup that even distantly stands out. The magic behind the stunning creation lies in the use of foam as a base during the embroidery. If you want innovative and creative 3D puff digitizing, then you are in the right place.

It is an art of needle in the appropriate sense of embroidery. It is the art that finishes along with utilizing the thread.  Now we’re going to find out what exactly puff digitizing is? 3d puff digitizing is principally a type of embroidery, puff style sewing, which provides many custom designs. Here at Digit-It, we are providing the best 3d Puff digitizing services.

Digit-it is amongst the best digitizing companies providing professional digitizing service to our valuable customers with dedication and honesty. We have got a hand on every client’s back because we have a qualified professional team who understands the requirement of every client when it comes to 3D puff digitizing Services. 

Digit-it sets a core value to make the life of our customers better to generate action that inspires customers to take services from us. We dedicate ourselves to provide value to every customer to fulfill every customer requirement, satisfaction, and distinctive experience. Our passion is to deliver an incredible working experience for every client who is taking services from Digit-it.

Dedication To Our Valuable Customers

Process Of 3D Puff Digitizing

The process is the same as machine embroidery, which is simple, unique enough as it digitizes in such a way in which the machine outlines for embroidery to make it in 3D Form. It is done with the traditional (Flat/2D) machine embroidery foam for overall design or in conjunction to show the definition and level within the mockup to puff out in the final design.

The first is involved with the help of a digitizer who provides the final design with the machine ready files, and then it goes to the embroiderer who starts work in the end to produce the beautiful design on the fabric. The process of 3D puff digitizing is a very complicated task, and it requires a highly skilled digitizer to make a design with perfection.

Style is the most prime factor in 3D puff digitizing that we do not create the same design, and every design is unique and different from others. Our services are highly beneficial for those who are actively looking for 3D puff digitizing with a unique style because we are careful that the design should not match or copy from 3rd party.


  • Stitch separating must be set at 0.16 mm 
  • No underlays are utilized 
  • Tack down lines are added to hold the froth set up 
  • Capping the edges to cover the edges and to stop the string from disentangling is fundamental 
  • Match froth tone to string tone for best outcomes 
  • Loosen top string when sewing out plan

Our Unique Style Of 3D Puff Digitizing

Our Customer Service

When it comes to customer service, we are proud that Digit-it knows how to maintain the quality and finishing of the product. We offer 3D puff digitizing services to businesses and organizations working with modern machines and quality threads with the combination of vibrant colors that enhances the overall quality and look and feel.

We have modern digitizing machines, providing quality and cost-effective rates are the priority of Digit-It. Our experts don’t believe in shortcuts, and we put ourselves on the client-side to adhere to the inspiration of our customers. We provide samples of 3D puff digitizing for checking purposes before initiating the final project.

We have thousands of customers who are very confident and relaxed with our 3D puff digitizing services and other services. Digit-it has a creative team sitting under one roof, who always introduces new kinds of 3D puff designs and Custom Embroidery digitizing services at extremely affordable rates. Our team is ready to take orders in bulk with special discounts. Visit and like our digit-it Facebook Page to view more designs.